@uint8_t Looking forward to find these as stickers on any chaos event ^^

@uint8_t Some seals are harder to break than others, but eventually they all do

@uint8_t QUESTION! I have no idea if this seal is broken or not?!

@trinsec the seal is broken, but the seal is intact, so your warranty is

Error: Exception at parse_toot()

@dredmorbius I'm trying to think how a freshness seal would look like... Any ideas?

I need it for my Seal Team Six.

@uint8_t Reminds me when I once made a seal of the seals like ages ago
@uint8_t petition to make this the official standard icon for ssl encrypted sites instead of the green padlock

Here comes the day where #giletsjaunes get support from grateful animals after fucking years of humans defending animal rights.

@uint8_t I read this as “Scrutiny Seal” and I’m gonna need one of those, thanks.

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