the dystopia we live in 

the dystopia we live in 

@Matemann I know the Last Mile Problem, and that's kind of hard to solve until autonomous electric vehicles will become widespread.

Why would a fully public transportation infrastructure be more expensive than a private car based? The public infrastructure is much more efficient because you share the cost of ownership; a car is unused most of the time, unlike a bus or a train.

@uint8_t this is only true as long as you do not take time spent into account. Many people, me included, happily pay a few hundred euros a month to not spend an hour a day on train stations waiting for connections... I'd much rather be home longer.

Also, even with electropods, you have a rush hour/surge issue: most vehicles are needed at the same time and will sit around useless as non peak times.

@Matemann Lots of the jobs where people sit in offices could be done remotely, and the situation around rush hour is getting better. Depending on the location, public transit can be just as quick or quicker than car transportation.

@Matemann But if our options are either using a bit more time for transportation, or extinction... I think that extra time it takes to be carbon neutral is a very good compromise.

@uint8_t extinction is a bit overdramatic and makes you sound like you rry to ekad a doomsday cult. Which doesn't help your message. Mankond won't get extinct because of not using public transportation.

@Matemann We might not go extinct, but a bunch of species will - thanks to climate change. And we're on the way to fuck up the habitats of billions of people, and even more nonhuman animals. So I'd say climate change is indeed pretty much a doomsday scenario.

The tragedy of it is, that unlike an alien invasion or meteorite impact, it happens gradually. Like a frog being slowly cooked in a pot alive.

@uint8_t in all fairness, species have gone extinct door one reason or another ever since life began. Yes, we are currently seeing this at an accelerated rate. Yes, that likely has it's root cause in us. No, that does not mean banning individual transportation will either solve this 'doomday scenario' nor contribute in a meaningful way to the current climate change.

@uint8_t if you want to change something, look no further than your screen: energy production, globally, is our main co2 culprit. Either we stop consuming electricity (virtually noone really needs it), or going nuclear again (in Germany that's highly unpopular), or we cause a population reduction event limiting he man population to around a substainable 500k people globally (but who decides whom to kill and who may live?)

@Matemann do you really think half a million people is what this planet can sustain?

@Matemann Yes, it's been warmer, but the rate of change has never been this high. I'm not saying the planet is in danger. I'm saying that millions of species are in danger, because change is faster than adaptation. I'm saying that millions of humans are in danger because of rapidly changing coastlines, more often occurring extreme weather, water and food supply.

@uint8_t I completely agree. Unfortunately, my boss doesn't.

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