Before the rise of industry, it was normal for people to sleep in two phases each night.

People had no set bedtimes. Sleeping was determined by whether or not there were things to do. Most people would have a first and second sleep, with a couple of hours awake inbetween. This is probably the way humans are supposed to sleep.

Modern schedules don't really let us do that. Perhaps we should think about changing that.


@InvaderXan once for half a month I tried the Uberman polyphasic sleep schedule (6 times a day, 20-minute powernaps each, no core sleep) and it was surprisingly good. I was more creative, felt more refreshed, focused, productive. The adjustment period was a week, and it was not too bad.

I did it with my brother; it's much easier to do it you have someone else to rely on. It was weird at times because the schedule is rigid, so I had to sleep on a bench in a park, etc.

It was fun.

Well that sounds intriguing. I wonder if I could fit something like that into my schedule...

@InvaderXan I had so much time! I want to do it again, I only need to convince @ln to do it together.

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