Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

@uint8_t you going to let a bunch of corpses boss you around like that? NOPE

@uint8_t ... but dead people is what we shall all become eventually... doesn’t this put some weight on what traditions are ?

@uint8_t Then you've got some awesome peers. Long live the dead!

So zombies are real but don't eat brain... they're just being gigantic assholes

That's a genius way to sum up traditions. 100% agree!

@self It's transcription of tweet with a screenshot from a tumblr post with a scan of an edited playing card, so credit goes to ...

I don't know I wasn't able to find the original source.

@uint8_t Sometimes it's peer pressure to not die the same way they did. That part is pretty useful!

@wjmaggos but lacks documentation, so ultimately cannot be trusted

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