i like how smartphones looked at the concept of package managers, which are (imo) the best way of installing software, and proceeded to fuck it up royally with app stores

@rugk i left a reply to someone else's comment about this but tldr: no repos, no encouragement to make apps FLOSS, no resistance against advertisements, entry fee and (in apple's case) a yearly fee...

@uint8_t @rugk @lynnesbian you mean no management.
Software repositories are supposed to be fully tested, modified for the system if need be, theses?

@lanodan @lynnesbian @rugk If you think about it, Android is really fucked up.

Go dig xda-dev for hours, read obscure posts, download a ROM from a one-click hoster as if it would be warez, flash it, lose all my settings and data, and then if I'm lucky, Linux 3.3 it came with is so old that it is not yet vulnerable to the latest attacks. I'm glad there's F-Droid, but it's not proper package management; can't update system components, etc.

@lanodan @lynnesbian @rugk But in the same timeline I can just grab a random piece of "PC" manufactured in the last 10 years, and there's a good chance that I can easily install and use Ubuntu or Arch or whatever Linux distro I please with the latest kernel and userland.

@uint8_t @rugk @lynnesbian Basically why I went ASAP to SailfishOS as a daily driver.
Non-PC has quite the limit on hardware portability tho so the shady ROMs part isn’t really solved.
And vendors are doing unreusable forks for the kernel instead of nice commits that could be merged into mainline with a bit of help/work.

@lanodan @lynnesbian @rugk Can you recommend a phone? I never bought a new smartphone, only second hand, partially because I'm poor, but more so because the vendors don't upstream their drivers.

Also I might try to get Sailfish run on my current phone, there's LineageOS for it so ...

@uint8_t @rugk @lynnesbian I have a OnePlus One here and it’s a bit old (~4 year) and nicely supported in many custom OS, so could be a nice one to get second hand.
Otherwise you can look at the table of device there: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris

(libhybris being used by mainly SailfishOS but Ubuntu Touch and Plasma Mobile are also using it, just do not build all the ROMs possible)
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