"Move fast and break things is dead, but it should have never been applied to the media sector." Sensible

I'm going to summarize my thoughts now that the startup conference is over.

The disturbing part for me was the apparent lack of awareness about the social impact of the technologies being created. Environmental issues were mostly just a pitch point. Also the investors valued the machine learning ideas with the highest abuse potential. Startup culture is still mostly just turbo capitalism.

There were interesting and well thought out talks on IT sec, the problems media is facing, opaque, unaccountable systems - I will link a few here. I hope people will take these into account.
I missed the topics of alternative economic models, open hardware, donation-based strategies, and companies run as collectives.


My personal hot take: just forget the growth-above-everything mindset already! It isn't healthy, not even at the start. It is the root of so many issues we face in our societies, environment. Please talk about the uncomfortable; wealth inequality, economic and ecological exploitation!

It's interesting to see a new generation of startups sprouting and growing well, doing almost the same business as startups from 10 years ago, but a bit better, more efficiently, and with less greed. It's a step forward, even if it's a small step. is better than but that's a very low bar...

The optimism of the startup scene is awesome, but we shouldn't just ask the question "can we do it?", we should ask the question, "should we do it?" more often. My 2 cents on

Of course it's very naive to think that startups will innovate our problems away. We need strict government regulations because big business doesn't care at all. They must research and invest in carbon neutral synthetic fuel, power to gas, renewables, and (in my opinion) nuclear power to get rid of coal and oil ASAP.
Personal points inspired by and problems.

A lot of the driving force behind wanting to disrupt isn't just greed for wealth, it's also the fact that large capital is mostly unoriginal, uninnovative, uncomfortable. People see the problems, and try to come up with solutions, but often they try to solve everything by just throwing more technology at it, without ever grasping the bigger picture.
Please excuse my toot tsunami.

@uint8_t while I agree with the idea of government regulation, the state either works directly for the capitalists or is trivial to subvert. Any solution that involves the state is vulnerable to the standard conservative strategy of undermining, underfunding, and choosing not to enforce existing laws.

I'm not saying it's hopeless, just that we can't rely on anyone else to solve the problem because they won't.

@Hex that happens because corrupt conservatives are in power. countries with more transparency and stronger democracy can regulate the market much more effectively.

@uint8_t I don't fully disagree with this, but can you give an example of a country with such a government?

@Hex there are problems everywhere but I'd say the nordic countries are at least less dysfunctional...

@uint8_t I used to agree with that, and for citizens of those countries life is definitely better, but have you noticed how common this response is for liberals (especially white liberals)? The fact that liberals in white supremacist countries universally point to "Nordic countries" as places where "things are done better" is interesting, isn't it?I'm not saying you're wrong here, just pointing out an interesting intersection with white supremacy...

@uint8_t ... It's also interesting to note how a lot of these countries benefited directly or indirectly from the first wave of African colonialism, or continue to participate in the theft of resources from Africa. Europe has, in general, benefited tremendously from the theft of African resources, then refused immigration or reparations to those who's counties they've pillaged...

@uint8_t ...and there's still the problem of global capitalism. "Things are better in Nordic countries," ignores the ways money is allowed to flow under capitalism out of poorer countries and in to richer ones. "Things are better" because liberalism excuses white supremacy under the veil of capitalism.

@uint8_t ... I 100% agree that things are less dysfunctional in Nordic counties. I hung out in the Netherlands for a little bit, and it was great. Squatters rights are so much stronger in Germany and the Netherlands than in the US, it almost seems sane by comparison... But people still need to squat because the housing markets are artificially restricted....

@uint8_t ...and all of these countries still participate in the oil extraction that is killing us all. None of these counties are willing to invest sufficient resources in developing the countries they pillaged to get where they're at.

I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying there's some important context that's often omitted when we talk about how Nordic counties are less dysfunctional.


“The optimism of the startup scene is awesome”

“The coke is strong with these ones.”

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