The userspace freezes when you try to access a disk? Why not put the offending disk into the freezer?! Try this one weird trick! Seagate hates it.

dd_rescue for the rescue

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I was mislead. ddrescue is the true way to go. dd_rescue is counterfeit.

Only 0.48% seems to be bad, and I'm still recovering data from it at a staggering 100 MB/h on average.

Anyone wants to buy an 1988 GB 2.5" hard drive? Only 2 years old, and with 6000 hours in it, well tested.

It seems like with enough patience I still keep scraping data off the drive. 30 kB/s on average, but I managed to save 99.98% with only 377 MB unreadable.

@uint8_t I remember an occurrence when I was admin in my old high school. We had to power down the server for some maintenance. After the maintenance window the system hard disk wasn't detected anymore – at least not until we heated it up with a hairdryer. Probably something about old capacitors ^^

@uint8_t i am never gonna touch a seagate disk ever again

actually i'd prefer to never touch mechanical drives again

@aurelia I can't afford the luxury of storing bulk data on SSDs. For sequential IO they have OK performance, and the specific cost of HDDs is still less than half of SSDs. Of course I would never install a system on a HDD.

@daniel_bohrer it's still running! 18.8% done, one more day to go.

@uint8_t Wait, that trick still does work with current hard disks? Last I had to use it was 23 years ago ^^

@anathem apparently it does! When it stops working, a power cycling usually helps. Maybe I could put a fan over it. (I wasn't able to find my DC Jack-to-fan adapter)


i've learned the hard way about modern Seagate drives


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