electronics call for advice 


electronics call for advice 

Maybe I'll just get an LT8705 - that should do the job (but of course it's €€€)

@uint8_t same price point as the LM5170-Q1 and probably easier to use in practice. So win-win

@uint8_t The LT8705 is really very versatile. I liked to design stuff with it, especially the 4 independent error amps. LTC3779 could also work for the same $$$ . 20Amps is a lot, maybe You need to parallel MOSFETs, watch out for the controllers capability to drive the FETs.

@DH0PE Thanks for the help! I got some nice trenchFETs with 4 mOhm RDSon ^^
Let see what inductor I can find... I can derate the current or make it dual phase.

@uint8_t low RDSon is one data, also the Gatecharge or Cdg is an important value. In most cases low RDSon an high Vds causes higher Cdg ... By the way You play with the LT8705 ver nicely in LTspice ...

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