It is held in place by gravity and a pair of magnets — I glued one on the back of the lid, and one into the printed monitor mounting arm. The extra weight somewhat limits the angle of the laptop screen: if I recline it too far back, it goes flat. But it's totally usable on a table.

The screen runs from USB power, and takes only 1-2 W. I had to modify the preregulator inside so it's stable from 5 V.

I can share the SCAD files if anyone's interested; the monitor has a standard 75-mm VESA mount.

@goat @uint8_t i'm probably wrong but that looks like the sort of monitor you'd use with a film-rig? 🤔

@grufwub @goat no idea! found on a shelf in Elen's old room. a very Chinese bird without any brand, or even model number.

I was able to find similar (or better) ones on ali for around 60€

@uint8_t @grufwub @goat i think i got it from adafruit or sparkfun years ago.

@uint8_t How cool! Hello smol frend!

What do you use the tiny one for?

@schokopflaster to look at PDFs when working on a schematic or to view the schematic when layouting a PCB

@uint8_t Aaaah! I see! How handy.

(I‘ve got the x230 and might gain some inspiration from your setup.)

@julian a schematic of one of our projects. the built-in display shows the board layout.

@uint8_t Cool, cyber-something and functional! Congrats, looks awesome! :)

@uint8_t I think I'm late to the party, but, whoa, this is cool! And I guess you'll need to tie down your display hinges after a while? ^^

@uint8_t Okay, okay, my ThinkPad needs stickers. I know. Geesh.

@uint8_t .. which is exactly why no one should talk DVI to either of them ever again!

@uint8_t it is beautiful. i wish i knew how to hardware mod like that

@uint8_t “terrible” a funny way to spell “amazing, lord nikon eat your heart out, holy cats this is awesome”

@uint8_t That's a neat mount. I installed a 12.5" 1440p screen in mine. I have used a USB monitor with it as a portable multimonitor setup before, but it's heavy to carry both in my backpack.

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