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Get your Cyber Security Seals here!

If you'd like to get these security seals, I can send some to you.

Please support me with 10 EUR on and I'll mail you 10 pieces of these stickers, worldwide.

The sticker itself is vegan, and its diameter is 58mm.

🔃 Boosts are welcome.

@uint8_t One has to select in 3€ increments, so either 9 or 12€ :o

Also, is there a way to donate without using PayPal?

@moiety @franzi if you're broke like me, then 9 € is 10. But I'm grateful if you send me 12.

I'm trying to find a paypal-free alternative. One would be stripe, but that's quite tricky to get running.

One alternative can be to write me a DM and I'll send you my IBAN.

You can mail me cash (DM for address) or meet me personally at the CCCamp or Congress.

@uint8_t @moiety IBAN would work, but friends will be at CCCamp, so I think this would be the easiest?

@franzi camp works too but it's less likely that I'll forget it if I'll mail. if you organize it and send someone on a quest for stickers, that works for me too!

@uint8_t Sure, i'll organize someone to pick up the stickers :)

@uint8_t @franzi perhaps it’s safer to take this to email.

Can you send me an email with details to

I’ll reply with my address :)

@uint8_t @franzi “Sent from my IoT-enabled microwave oven.”

Well played :blobcatfingerguns:

@moiety I'm planning to make tamper-evident seal in the future.

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