$ dmesg
-bash: /usr/bin/dmesg: Input/output error

messages you don't enjoy seeing on your main workstation


A train station is where the train stops.

A bus station is where the bus stops.

On my desk there's a workstation...

@uint8_t sounds like your workstation contains a diskstation :/

It also sounds like you should look up cute animal videos before starting your recovery work. :)

@slaveriq it's most likely the raid controller acting up

I managed to talk with it and it complained to me about its battery...

@uint8_t Ah, they like to do that. Though i haven't seen them give up entirely because of that. Usually they just disable the write cache.

I hope you can convince it to work though :)

thinking about intimidating the raid controller with a soldering iron

@uint8_t Keep in mind that usually neither bus stations not train stations are a *mandatory* stop for either! (By tariff or by dispatch.)

Maybe view the stop as a possibility which you can decide upon! Gain speed, pass on through, or go slow, enjoy the scenery or stop and take a break to recaffeinate! :-)


Boss: Why aren't you working?

You: This is a workstation is it not?

Boss: Yes it is...

You: Well just like how a train stops at a train station and a bus stops at a bus station... My work stops at the work station.

Boss: Oh fuck you and your smart ass!

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