Every computer is portable if you're strong enough.

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@uint8_t "Sure, if you forward the email to me I'll bring it up on the mainframe in the back of my van. Unrelatedly, do you have a three-phase power feed I could borrow?"

@uint8_t Alternatively: "You don't mind if I put my 2U rackmount here on the desk so I can take lecture notes, do you? You're welcome to use it as a table for your laptop so long as you don't block the rear fan exhaust."

@timezone @uint8_t "I hope everyone brought headphones! I couldn't find the lid so the chassis fans run at 100% all the time."

@uint8_t My old Mac Plus actually had a handle, and was lighter than most so-called "portable" TV sets of the time.

But, ANY computer?
How about a Cray?
How about HAL 9000?

@flugennock HAL9000 is on a spaceship

It can't get any more portable than that.

@uint8_t and have something to carry it in, and a wall socket

@uint8_t the first (and last) company i was employed at owned two Sun M9000s.

anyway, it takes up as much space (and probably three times as much power) as two racks:

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