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this is amusing to see concatenated to outgoing emails

except that it's just the sign of tech illiteracy exploitation

- this toot send from my genuine plerowoma 1.0.6/master
@uint8_t my gramps solved this problem by forgetting about e-mail and having their mailboxes expire :smart:

@uint8_t @piggo Ha! What was that original label for again? Windows XP? Although looks a bit like Vista or late XP... But could be used on Windows 7 too... I am asking the important questions, obviously... /s

@sindastra it was a running gag across the whole history of Microsoft

@uint8_t I meant, I have seen this particular (original) logo/design as early as Windows XP SP2 AFAIR (acronym turned into a word...) but I think it was also used until Windows 7. Makes me wonder what that logo looks like nowadays if it even still exists.

@sindastra @uint8_t It was introduced with Windows XP and existed to Windows 7.
It got removed with Windows 8, when License Keys got coded into the Bios instead of using Stickers

@uint8_t And it's bad in a way because it teaches the unbeknown a false sense of security. If you were a spammer you'd have to add that sentence just for jokes. 😆

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