Overnight the printer finished this PET bottle plant autowaterer I designed yesterday and I'm pleased to announce that it works very well! You can get it from

@uint8_t Cool.

Does the plant like / can stand it when it stands in water all the time? Or how does it regulate the water dispense? I could imagine through not being able to take any air in as soon as the outlet is fully covered by water…

@luzifer Correct; this is how it operates. So the plant is standing in 1 cm deep water all the time. You can elevate the planter if that's too much water.

In the bottle above the water is vacuum, which prevents water from flowing unless the opening is exposed to air, and it can get into the bottle.

I can't go too low with the pipe inner diameter (== water height) because capillary effects overcome the water pressure easily.

@uint8_t I wonder whether a plant could survive with that at mine… Probably not due to too few light… RIP plant… 🙈

@uint8_t oh neat! i have a water dish for my chickens that works off the same principle.

this is good for plants that like wet feet, such as some violets, herbs, grasses, etc. succulents, though, tend to not like that, but they also can tolerate very erratic watering habits just fine!

@uint8_t “ The plant itself is not part of the model, and must be bought IRL. :/” :D

@uint8_t now if only I could download a 3D printer and print it out without printer!

@sindastra @uint8_t well you could use some online 3d printing service....

@docloy @sindastra or read the G code and use a handheld 3D-pen to get the parts for the 3D-printer

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