TIL in KiCad it's easy to lock footprints or tracks by selecting them and just pressing L. Then it won't be shoved around by the interactive autorouter.


sure, KiCad has its quirks, but have you tried Altium? 🤢

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@bamfic I don't know if this counts as complex (293 nets, 1325 pads) but yes KiCad is more than capable. It crashed on me only once, while back then when I was using Altium (v14) it kept crashing much more often on simpler designs.

The only thing I miss from Altium is its unroute tool. But the KiCad autorouter is often smart enough that I don't even need to unroute.

@uint8_t So far I've worked a lot with geda (gschem/pcb), though not for impedance critical stuff. Worked great for scripting, did you ever try it?

@chrysn not seriously, no. I might look into it later if the time pressure is low.

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