"The reason why so many grown ass men hate Greta Thunberg is because she represents everything they hate listening to; women, children, people with disabilities, science, and just people who are smarter than them in general"

(the author of this was harassed off twitter so let this stand here)

Who paid for the multi-million-dollar yacht? Why is she hanging with a foundation run by Melinda (Mrs. Bill) Gates?

The whole goddamn thing stinks like hell, if you ask me.

@uint8_t It's almost as if all the Global North environmental NGO's called up Central Casting and said "Send us a sweet, white, golden-haired adorable kid who looks like that 'Elsa' girl from 'Frozen'..."

@uint8_t well as far as i'm concerned they hate her because of her double standards

@maximilia thanks for this nice gotcha! article with traces of truth on a rightwinger news site.

Haters will call Greta a hypocrite regardless of what she is doing, and sailing across the Atlantic was definitely a good publicity stunt.

@uint8_t well would you be so kind then to explain what bothers you?

also lol for "publicity stunt"

@maximilia @uint8_t side question not related to Thunberg, who is running this website?

> The political landscape of Europe is changing. New parties and movements grow from below, propelled by enthusiastic grassroots. Parties like Alternative für Deutschland, Front National and Freiheitliche Partei Österreich gain momentum, in spite of harsh opposition from the establishment and harassment from street thugs.

I'd like to know names

@maximilia I'd like to know who is reporting and where they are coming from. Site seems to be hosted in the Czech Republic but there are not indicators about who is the editor or publisher.

They also do not link to their sources and I can't find the information they refer to.

Pretty suspicious to me.

@saper i found another article, which states the same. it's german, unfortunately, but from a more "trustworthy" organization if you want to put it like this:
@maximilia @saper

For example, if the focus was on having completely pure eco standards you just end up being on the more extreme "eco warrior" end and you end up alienating more people.

I'm more of a moderate person with these things. Ie, I eat meat, I prefer plane travel and I don't pay extra "carbon tax" myself. Maybe I will improve but I'm open to her message.

My parents do cruises yet they have solar power fitted in their homes and use rainwater.

I think it's not right to chase for and ask for perfection from people and expect perfect Jesus Christ eco warrior Messiah when it's just individuals doing their best (and I see Tall Poppy Syndrome symptoms with people who just don't like it that someone that's not them "made it" to the UN, especially a younger person)
@hcs @saper as i understood it, she wanted to do this sailing trip in order to show people how she's able to travel to the usa as climate friendly as possible. and personally i thought this statement was related to the sailing trip and not to some obscure compensation for _unnecessary_ flights. and that's what we're talking about: with her action she needed more plane travels than even necessary. that's what bothers me.
@maximilia @saper Yes but from reading the article the team compensates with whatever activities that they do. This is the right way to go about it, being mindful that what people do has an effect and to do something about it and not being perfect about things.

It's not realistic to say that what you do is the most climate friendly anyway. But I don't know if that is a quote from Thunberg OR if that came from other people.

Anyway, yacht is not a realistic option and I think focusing purely on the message alienates people "I have a yacht and I am better than you all". Anyway it does not bother me because I don't think that was the main message of it all, only that "you can choose a better option".

@uint8_t @maximilia oh you know, just those impossibly high standards people hold anyone who speaks out about something to when they don't want to admit they should change

@walruslifestyle @uint8_t you call flying once instead of flying multiple times impossibly high standard?

@maximilia @walruslifestyle @uint8_t "if you can't save the world with a *single plane ticket* well I just don't care about you!!" (signed, some geek asshole)

@chara i literally made one single comment on your post. are you kidding? :anime_what:
@chara no, however i did not ask you to talk either nor did you tell me not to talk. also why are you getting so aggressive all of a sudden? this can't be healthy
@uint8_t I'm now gonna go pollute the environment because I hate women and minorities so much.

@uint8_t Looks like the pleromoids found you. 🤷🏽‍♀️

@uint8_t I don't know who Greta Thunberg is but I think I probably would like her if I did

@uint8_t I just don't like tone she used. Her speech sounds like emotional naci.

She's just a Mentally Disabled child used as a mascot for her radical parents agenda I doubt she understands what she is talking about or is capable to research for herself, if she would be allowed, the facts she is spouting

@uint8_t I think someone hates me for similar reasons. No matter how hard he trys to memorize computer facts, he can not compete with a Girl who is fascinated by the subject. Worse for him, No matter how he tries to "brown nose" the professors, they still prefere someone who takes an interest.

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