Why do I need to overcomplicate everything

@uint8_t it's not that you're overcomplicating things

it's that everyone tends to oversimplify things to make em bearable

@uint8_t meh, it's scary until you realise that life's all about simplifying complicated things

that's how information is - generalisin things, if everythin was infinitely specific, then knowledge would be impossible

simplifyin stuff is a nature of life, and complicatin stuff is also a nature of life

slippin between them is just a part of humanity, and overcomplicatin is just goin one bit too far in one direction

@uint8_t @calm It's not scarry at all. I have not time to be an expert on each domain. So I need that someone summary and simplify for me.

@madeindjs @calm but what happens when you hear someone explain one of the topics you are an expert on, but they're completely wrong?

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