The fact that publicly traded companies are by law _required_ to maximize profit, might be the single biggest problem in our system.

That, and inheritance of wealth.

And the corruption.

And the military-industrial complex.

Ah, never mind. Burn it all down.

@uint8_t riffing on this: the standard apologist line is "that's not true, the fiduciary duty is only to maximize the value to the shareholders, that value doesn't have to be monetary!!1"

to which the obvious riposte of "have you *seen* capitalism? like, at all?" is both spicy and valid

@uint8_t @alexis The ability to make money from nothing but money is such an obviously broken mechanic.

@DissidentKitty @uint8_t yeah, it's like if boozecooking in dwarf fortress were a) real and b) bad

@DissidentKitty @uint8_t @alexis you need to talk to whoever made plants grow exponentially when exposed to sunshine

@uint8_t i just spent yesterday evening idly musing on poison pillls i could write in corporate articles that completely obliterate all their share value the instant any attempt is made at an ipo

just, y'know, for personal estate planning reasons

The fire will not give light
to build up a replacement

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