Which one is your preferred connector?


What is your preferred way of attaching mass storage?

@uint8_t [x] SPI

no, not what you think, yes Parallel SCSI

@uint8_t [x] DSL over water pulsing through bamboos pipes

@maris be more specific! What pipe connector?

lewd kinda 

lewd kinda 

@uint8_t @maris There is a box of USB to Gardena connectors at metalab. I think they can emulate mass storage for pulsing water.

@chrysn @maris don't give me tips

now I'm thinking about ultrasonic transducers and how to get rid of the air bubbles

I can't rest until functioning USB over Gardena is a thing

@chrysn @maris maybe ultrasound in one direction and light in the other direction

and the flow of water provides the power

@uint8_t @maris We'll probably need to terminate the pipes. What's the equivalent of impedance in pipes? Dynamic viscosity? If so, a 50 Pa·s termination will be required at the ultrasound receiver.
(Unfortunately for me, nerd sniping does backfire.)

@uint8_t Do you know Jade? She managed to get DSL over wet string working once.

@uint8_t NBD over USB over WiFI has to be my favorite, but DSL over wet shoestring comes close

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