I'm amazed not by the fact that the ticket controllers learned to decode QR code by looking at it, but by the speed they are doing it

@piggo looked at the QR code, decoded it in their head, and decided that it's valid
It took 2 seconds

@piggo @uint8_t people not giving a shit if your ticket is valid, in *Austria*? It's more likely than you think. [Free oida check]

@uint8_t it's the new train attendant model of the ÖBB some say it was an unnecessary cost overrun, but it's been well received so far.

@ln Once I copied a QR code by hand to a squared paper with graphite, and IT WORKED

@uint8_t @ln makes me wonder how weird of a qr code you can make and still have it work

@maris @uint8_t ohhh, you could make cool stuff that's only readable with an ir camera

@ln @uint8_t I like your thinking, how about we make 2 different qr codes above each other, where one is normal and the other one ir?

@ln @maris @uint8_t you could print three different QR codes on top of each other with CMY and use RGB filters to get the one code you want at the moment. That should work too.

@Konfusius The Magenta one scans just fine on my old iPhone 5S. The multicolour and the black-on-green ones don't. But the scanner does find the markers on both. Don't have colour foil at hand to test with filters. @ln @maris @uint8_t

@MacLemon @ln @maris @uint8_t the multicolor one will not scan. And for the one with filter, maybe the contrast is not high enough?

@maris @ln it has 4 different levels of error correction, so depending on what you pick you will get more or less redundancy

But! If your space is limited, the higher redundancy options use more pixels, making those pixels smaller, therefore worsening the SNR


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