hi everyone! building anything cool today?

i'd love to hear about it :blobcatflower:

@adasauce A dual channel constant current LED controller for 2x 40 W

@uint8_t cool!

what will it be used for?

what are the challenges to building it? :dpika_coffee:

@adasauce this will drive big white LED panels to bring a bit more light into our home

It's not very challenging except for the ADHD

@uint8_t love that you're using your talents building to make your own home more comfortable.

are you also building the panels as well?

@adasauce no, those are store-bought, I only designed a wall-mount

the panels came with their own constant current driver but those are not dimmable, feel somewhat flimsy, and we want to run most of our devices from a 48-V DC bus rather than a myriad of AC/DC supplies


@frainz I know about them but I'm not active in the community right now

I designed a 20-A bidirectional 48-V supply that needs to be tested still

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