@dragon because then you'll lose a lot of energy through capacitive coupling

we're talking about a million volts here

or you must use HVDC systems with big expensive inverter stations

@uint8_t I'm team form over function tbh and these things do not spark joy sorry

@dragon function over form and I can tell you these beasts are well thought out

but I agree that adding a bit more art in place of uniformity would be great

(it would also be more expensive, and sadly, no one wants to pay for that!?)

@uint8_t honestly abolish money and make them integrate better with the trees and shit >~<

@dragon @uint8_t the sad thing is, buried power lines have huge environmental problems due to the higher power loss and coupling, in a radius of ~10m there won't grow anything and there's also an impact on wildlife. Better build higher towers so that plants underneath are not that much disturbed.

@uint8_t @dragon you could say it is brutalist design because the real function of the thing is exposed and visible.
of course a lot of people dislike this kind of design; i find it fascinating.

@uint8_t what I find really fascinating is that it's basically microwave engineering on a huge scale. Same problems with transmission line matching and phase sync.

😂 now I really regret not working in power EE, I'd really like to have a 'Macrowave Engineer' business card 😁 @uint8_t

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