Stop wrapping your website in Electron and calling it an app challenge twenty twenty

@uint8_t I'm so torn. I like programming to be accessible, and portability is good, but we really need the browser engines to be more performant and less resource-hungry if every app is going to run their own browser sandbox.

Also I'm concerned accessibility falls by the wayside here.


@annika I'm not convinced by the accessibility argument when I look at most websites or Electron apps

it's possible to do it properly but it's easier to do it badly

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@uint8_t @annika I feel like accessibility falls by the wayside already when instant messaging apps end up eating enough resources to require the kinds of upgrades you'd more likely expect for someone looking to run Crysis. :blobfrowningbig:

@Jo @uint8_t Ah I made the mistake of using "accessibility" twice here.

"Accessibility" as in, making app development possible for more people: Having a "lingua Franca" that allows for both web and app dev is *potentially* a good thing.

"Accessibility" as in a11y: I've run into issues with Voice Commands on macOS in Electron apps, and I wonder how many Electron apps make accommodations for vision/hearing/other needs.

@annika @Jo I think it's valid to make complex web apps with local storage, etc and put a shortcut on the launcher, but this should not warrant "an app"

@annika Hint: “a11y” is not an accessible way to spell “accessibility”

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