This is an appreciation post for the human technology of clothing.

The ability of weatherproofing yourself with clothes is a powerful technology we take so often for granted.

@uint8_t reading this while wearing my unicorn onesie, and, yes.

@uint8_t Agree. Clothing is fucking awesome.

I've lain in fighting holes in -40°C and not felt cold (except inside my nose. We need inside-the-nose socks). At the same time, my clothing protected me against rain, snow, dirt, visual identification, and small arms fire to vital regions, all while still allowing relative freedom of movement.

I've also road marched 100km nonstop, and clothing kept my feet from killing themselves and the rest of me from getting sunburn. Fuck yeah clothing.

@uint8_t Clothing is almost certainly one of the greatest things humanity ever came up with, one of the others being the ability to sew.

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