"natural" is a marketing term with no inherent value

@uint8_t But … but … it's natural! There are no chemicals in it! No genes, either!

@rixx this country is constitutionally free of atoms

@uint8_t Which is fair, because it's not consistent, isolated, or durable either. If you're going to violate ACID, do it in style.

@rixx organic botulinum toxin 100% pure
that can only do good, right?

@uint8_t well it is indeed a marketing term with no value, especially on processed and wrapped in tons of plastic products but then it is a trap for people who want the good quality easily.

In food products in particular if you don't farm you can't have top quality. And even then you must have seeds that are not manufactured and developed with industrial efficiency in mind. So no money in then world can give you a shortcut there.
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