It's refreshing to do casual OpenSCAD shenanigans after being lost in the guts of an STM32 for 2 weeks.

Light diffusers are so hard to get right!

So far baking paper sheets beat everything else.

Plain 80g/m² white paper is nice and homogeneous, but it absorbs way too much light.

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A single layer of transparent PLA doesn't do much... 2 layers of white PLA combines the drawbacks of transparent PLA and paper.

Maybe I should try the powder coated / textured steel sheet!

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The only reason I'm not sticking to the baking paper is because I'm hydrophilic^Wtrying to save assembly effort.

This is the giant 7-segment LED display project, btw

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my openscad is freaking out and I have no idea where and why the element count increases so much

no minkowski, no weird stuff, $fn is default

just a handful of for loops and difference()s

@uint8_t Do you create objects with high convexities? If those overlap and I remember correctly, those multiply.

@chrysn I have overlapping elongated thin walled diamond shapes 🔷

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