I love the vibe of EXAPUNKS, it feels as it would be a Ghost in the Shell prequel.

It's an indie retrofuturistic cyberpunk programming puzzle game.

@uint8_t it's so freaking good. If you're done with EXAPUNKS I recommend you also check out one of their earlier games SHENZHEN I/O

@lastfuture @uint8_t All their games are great, I loved Spacechem and TIS-100. Zach is really good at designing this sort of game.

@wolfpede @uint8_t Oh, is it Zachtronics? I was /just/ going to comment on how much this reminds me of Opus Magnum!

@uint8_t @skootthecat I can absolutely recommend molek-syntez, the game that sparked my interest in chem and the only zachtronics game I've got past the second level without getting frustrated haha
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