Where are the enbies in sci-fi??? How can you imagine faster than light travel and aliens and shit but not more than two genders?

This is especially annoying in utopian scifi like Star Trek. But I'd also love to see enbies in The Expanse.

It's sad to watch these futuristic settings with less diversity than what's outside your window already in 2020...

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@uint8_t watch Another Life on Netflix. Enby medic

@uint8_t I though nah, in all the sci-fi I watched there must be at least a couple
but no 😢

@uint8_t Would less than two genders help? I mean that's also ask interesting concept. For that I know at least one Star Trek episode off the top of my head.

@uint8_t I can't think of anything other than a couple of Star Trek episodes for TV sci-fi, but written sci-fi is doing better :3

This is exactly why I like the Wayfarers books, and I think it might have been some of why I found the Culture series interesting too.

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