Our plants are dying, and worse than that is that I don't know why. I tried more water, I tried less water. Maybe they got too much light? Maybe the soil was not suited for them?

Where should a terrible plant mom like me, start reading about the basics of plant language, so I would understand their needs? /cc @InvaderXan

@uint8_t post a picture here? and/or look for parasites in the soil or under the leaves...


@uint8_t I’m afraid I really can’t offer any advice without knowing what kind of plants they are, or what their symptoms are. Conditions which keep one plant happy might easily kill another one.

@uint8_t General advice is easy to find. All common houseplants and garden plants have care instructions on the internet, with recommendations for how much light and water they prefer. But remember that these are guidelines rather than strict rules.

@InvaderXan I was thinking more of some Plants 101 basic resource, if such a thing exist

@uint8_t Again, there’s no advice which could work for all plants. The only universal advice which I could possibly give is to know what kind of plant you’re caring for and learn what conditions it needs.

@x44203 sad, brown ones :(

we tried to grow strawberries and tomatoes, without much luck until now.

do you have access to fresh compost? that wikibook was not very good. @InvaderXan is right: you have to adapt to the need of every species.
here is a goude for strawberrys:

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