Thinking about finding a broken VHS player and building a PC into it, along with an LTO6 tape drive

so you can play UHD movies from tape

@uint8_t 😍😍😍 that would be awesome. Maybe it could even be done with a lower level like FPGA driven or something? Just for even more 'single-function-device'-ness

@s0 coming up with a h264/h265 hardware decoder gateware will be hard...

@uint8_t can just decompress video as stored format? Raw frames stored directly lol -- given the capacity of those tapes goes up to the terabytes! Then again what's the read bandwidth 😬🤔

@s0 @uint8_t time to break the piggybank and purchase one of these for only $30k

you can even hang it in your foyer, beside your personal glass elevator! 🙄

I can't believe this is actually how they're marketing this device...

@uint8_t I checked, raw 3840x2160 video is 748MB/s (8 bit) or 934MB/s (10 bit) with no audio or syncing. LTO6 is only ~160MB/s raw read -- so would need H265 coding. Hmm. This is making me wish I could put a tape drive on my NAS! But they're all SAS or SCSI only :(

@s0 it is still possible to compromise with some light easy-to-implement compression and bandwidth

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