I'm looking for first hand experience on photo organizing, best practices, software setup

what I'm trying to do
- organize 100+ GiB photos
- tag them
- have a nice way to back them up
- it's a plus if albums are easy to share through web, in that case it should serve lower resolution versions
- if it could deal with different versions of the same photo that'd be great (handling of RAW+JPEG)
- you know, the usual deal

🔁 welcome

@uint8_t i was trying to find an answer to this exact problem and the solution was that i gave up and just let them sit on an external disk.

tmsu, if it had a usable GUI above it, wouldn't be bad ....

@piggo it's a bit dated but might work: github.com/hyOzd/tmsu-gui ?

there is also a nautilus plugin (in rust) there is a nautilus plugin (in python) and that's all I was able to find


@piggo tmsu-nautilus python version is outdated

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@uint8_t i remember trying something and it didn't really work, but i forgot which of these it was. but,m, it's still a kind of kludge
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