The less Microsoft Windows in my life, the happier I am

I'm extremely frustrated how bad it is and how everyone just pretends that this is normal

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@uint8_t You need an extra program with a GUI for everything and the terminal is pretty meh. Like on linux you can just use dd to write an image to a USB stick or so.

@x44203 sysprep launched from the command line ignores its parameters and pops up its completely unhelpful shit GUI anyways

Then crashes with obscure errors 👍

@x44203 after deleting windows store apps (which were installed for a user and not system-wide, causing a critical error) it finally finishes. Then, when we failed to boot to a USB flash drive, it tries to boot up, dirties its filesystem, so we need to let it boot up again, chkdsk, unsysprep itself (reboot), sysprep again, and hope that this time we succeed booting from USB.

All of this very slow and without progress bars or anything. While I'm hungry.

@uint8_t I think windows once dirtied the boot filesystem of my linux disk

@uint8_t I use it solely for beatsaber right now ... and speaking of it ... I am thinking of making an open soruce clone of it and simply pull all my levels from the beatsaber modding community.

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