When people come with the argument that "human nature" just doesn't allow certain utopia, I always turn sad.

You grew up in a belief system which was aggressive enough to colonize most of this planet. You internalized this so much, that you can't even imagine something entirely different anymore.

This has nothing to do with human nature. That is malleable to a large extent; what you consider "natural" is nothing but socialization.

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@uint8_t So much this.

I recently wrong a blog post where a chunk of it goes out of its way to debunk the whole "well everyone in history at that time was bad, so we can't really get mad at Our Heroes for being bad, and besides, nobody is perfect!"

Good people exist! Nice people who never did anything wrong exist!

We just don't value them enough, and that's not only a problem, it's our problem. We need to spend less time glorifying the Achilles of the world.

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And maybe if we value the people who changed and try to undo their damage, we can craft courage to change in those who know that they should.

@uint8_t History sometimes suggests what may be truly human nature.

The introductory paragraphs of A.H.M. Jones 1970 biography Augustus most powerfully to me. The political divides and platforms seem extraordinarily contemporary to me, perhaps reavealing constants. (Though also possibly a modern author's biases and lenses.)

@uint8_t I agree. What are your thoughts on how to decolonize our minds, undo the damage and build something better? That is the main reason I joined mastodon, to find discussion on this kind of thing.

@SoMuchGruk I don't have the answers. I used to live in an intentional community where I met a bunch of interesting people with unusual life experiences and uncommon knowledge. I've seen that alternate ways of life are possible and can be sustainable, and I'm trying to create something among those lines. I don't know how but I'm willing to listen and to experiment.

@SoMuchGruk when someone tells you that they Know Exactly How, they might be trying to sell you something...

@uint8_t me 2. I don't think there are The Answers but the more I hear about what others have done, are doing, thinking, reading, dreaming, the more raw materia to make something. I was struck by M Harrington in Socialism, -people pretty much have to think up something new instead of following old patterns. Inspired by the Zapatista communities councils of good government,mutual aid societies. Alternative economies. 100 mile economies, foodsheds n fibersheds. Tiny homes, homesteading.

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