this evening made challenging by a damaged EFI partition leading to an unbootable compute and puzzling error messages

since the buggy UEFI/BIOS isn't able to boot from the built-in microSD reader, I used the compact camera and an USB cable


my Nikon D3400 was useless and insisted to format the card.

Elen's Sony RX100 did the job perfectly.

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(I had a second computer with a finely aged 2018 archiso laying around, so I was able to dd the image to a memory card. I had no USB thumb drives.)

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Moral of the story: make tools that work universally, and even in unusual but valid use cases.

Implement USB mass storage, and shoot MTP into the Sun.

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@uint8_t Ah yes, the 2018 archiso was a particularly fine vintage, having already survived multiple disasters.

@kayb remember how innocent and unscathed we were? rare find from the past.

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