In Search of a Flat Earth

We watched this video recently, and while it is long (76 minutes), it is very well made, and worth watching if you want to better understand contemporary conspiracy theories.

I saw this video linked in a toot on my timeline, but after watching the video, when I wanted to boost it, I couldn't find it.

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@uint8_t when those trees disappeared behind the curvature of the lake, in slow motion, set to dramatic music... it was very moving 😭🤩😍

@ashfurrow that moment of sanity was so touching, and satisfying, and calming, simultaneously.

@uint8_t I started watching this when it came out but it's on my 'Watch Later' now because it was genuinely fatiguing to hear about the QAnon stuff

@half_cambodian_hacker_man @uint8_t I watched it in two installments. The structure thankfully lends itself to that

@uint8_t Also always a good watch: Beyond the Curve / Hinter dem Tellerrand

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