holy shit, firefox market share is below 5%!?!
the web is not okay

among search engines google got 90+% since a decade

that company is a monopoly, how it is not split up yet

how long are we going to pretend the web is Neuland, so antitrust law and regulations does not apply

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I thought tech is cool because I can make interesting things with it, can automate boring things away, etc, but the larger picture is that capitalists fucked everything up real bad, and most of the tech exists only to exploit people and sell more tech

I'm turning into Micah minus the making art and being cool part

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@uint8_t Part of the problem is that computers are a technological good. They require a certain living to afford. We are not born with a terminal and a Web connection (yet). The kinds of societies that give rise to computer programmers are the kinds that also give rise to corporations and CEOs. We need an equitable distribution of computers to solve this problem.

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