It took me almost 2 days but I managed to get a diskless arch (nfsroot with PXE) working
the archwiki howto seems to be non-functional so I switched to dracut from mkinitcpio; the latter is a nightmare to debug

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once I figured it out, it is rather straightforward but it is very confusing at first.

I can write a short summary about it if someone's interested.

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@uint8_t working on what kind of device? I've wanted to do this on my SoC's, but it's apparently not supported…

@mvp once I spent like 3 days on getting this working on a pi 3, then I gave it up

now it is just an intel nuc (amd64) which makes it a lot easier to set up and test, thanks to being the same architecture as our servers (so I can chroot easily into it)

and I was testing PXE boot in a VM because I found out that the real hardware got no RAM and we're waiting for it to arrive

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