OpenSCAD is extremely useful and capable, and not just for generative CAD modelling, but also for setting my impostor syndrome on overdrive.

Feels like the spatial thinking and the algorithmic thinking parts of my brain don't like to talk to each other.

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OpenSCAD is something you can learn in an afternoon and it only takes a decade to be excellent using it.

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A very cool trick I recently learned was to export the CSG tree from OpenSCAD and import it in FreeCAD. (There are also different ways to integrate the two.) Then the measurement tools and Assembly4 workbench can be used in FC.

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@uint8_t ngl the thumbnail in pleromafe makes those cells look like nerf gun darts

@uint8_t woah! this means… I could design my woodworking plans in OpenSCAD and still be able to export them as PDF via FreeCAD?

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