Burned my fingers on a solenoid a lil bit

I was using it as test load for a load switch thingy, and I might have gotten lost in the debugger and left it on for a bit,,

Good thing it came in a small polyethylene bag with integrated thermal overload olfactory early warning.

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Anyways, I wrote too much C code recently,,

Sure I'm holding it wrong, but I'm still in awe about how big of a foot gun the whole thing is. Everything takes so long to get it right.

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It's hard to pick my favorite bug; it's getting harder to surprise me, but today I realized that Implicit Declaration of a function is just a lil warning, instead of a big red flag.

This is just one of the countless user hostile properties of C.

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@uint8_t i read the last bit with your favourite bug and I fully anticipated an insect. 🐛

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