watching tunnel drilling videos on you tube


It would be great to have a carbon neutral alternative to cement

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Thinking more about it, it is absolutely necessary to develop a carbon neutral alternative to cement

Has anyone figured yet out how to high temperature reliable fast breeder reactor

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@uint8_t there was some really cool mineral ancient romans used that worked as rebar, by growing crystals inside the concrete or something. but i'm not sure if it was better wrt co2

@x44203 it's hard (and expensive) to cut rock into uniform shape, and you still need to bind them together

@uint8_t @x44203 yeah, even the castle builders knew that :) but using more stones should at least turn down the need for cement, compared to building everything from concrete. The only other solutions I can think of is using some kind is glue or other adhesive, but I don't know much about their CO2 balance. Or building more houses out of wood (frequently done anyways at least in North America) but then the building height is quite restricted.

@daniel_bohrer @uint8_t @x44203 Stone also lasts much longer. I'm sitting in a house made from natural stone right now, which we don't even know when it was built originally, because they didn't have a registry back then. Cheap concrete falls apart after only a few decades, and the better quality stuff is usually not certified to last longer than a single century afaik.

The problem is that extracting and cutting stone is so expensive that it cannot solve the need for affordable housing etc..

@raucao @daniel_bohrer @uint8_t Wood too, aren't there some wood parts in venice which are more than a thousand years old?

@x44203 @daniel_bohrer @uint8_t Consider the price of a cubic meter of decent hardwood. If money is not an issue, then sure, build anything you want from it. :)

@uint8_t sulfur concrete can be used in a lot of cases. it still requires a lot of energy just like normal concrete but there is no co2 release during production of the raw

@uint8_t its that binder - maybe some yet-to-be-realized polymer can be made that doesn't require the high heat and can be made from plant-based stock or at least isn't 100% petrol sourced.

There is some possibility.

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