- wait, what's "Boost"?

- it's jquery for C++

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To be jquery for C++ it would have to give you access to functionality that is lacking in the base language tools through a clever set of libraries, which has now been included in the base tools, but better, causing it to be irrelevant.

Is that what it is? I've never heard of it and back in the "still have to support ie5" days, jquery was a godsend.

Also jquery unified the coding interface for a disparate set of runtime environments... So I guess that's crucial for the metaphor to work.

@lilithelotor a lot of what Boost implements is already part of the C++ standard

@uint8_t so no, then.

Was it at some point useful?

Did it act as a bridge between runtime environments?

Those are the real criteria for being a "jQuery"

It did have a use back in the 2000s / early 2010s

@lilithelotor @uint8_t correct me if I'm wrong, but I tend to think of boost as a sort of "future" library that gives you things from newer standards if you're on an older standard for some reason (and then some, to be fair)

@T045T @uint8_t
That sounds like at least one part of the benefits jQuery had when it was new.

At least then the metaphor makes sense.

I don't know about boost.

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