afternoon screwing around with a ferrite toroid lead to a flyback converter doing 600 V from 1 V input :D

I made a 1:20 transformer and am driving an nMOS with the waveform generator

happened to have just enough 350-V rated caps around


Geiger counter go brrrr

(Banana chips for scale)

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This was a lot of fun, because I built it on an afternoon, from stuff that was already around, and the tube I wanted to use since so long, and I always found something "more important" to work on.

I wanted to have a radiation detector since I was 8... never got around to make it.

This is my solstice present, for myself.

Also, I want to finally clean up and organize the lab, to give our new DMM a good home, and so that I can post photos of it without feeling embarrassed for my (our) mess.

@uint8_t Also they are a source of ever so slightly elevated background radiation. 😄

@uint8_t I will add banana chips to my tool belt of banana related size references

@uint8_t Thanks for the image description! I was already worried by the brrrrrr.

@uint8_t Is the probe something you made yourself, or is that off-the-shelf?
(I don't have experience with either, but just wondering)

@threed the GM tube is a vintage one from Russia, the electronics is self made but basically this concept (I made my own transformer and running it open loop at the moment): (in German)

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