Today I cleaned up our lab and am proud of it. I still need more boxes to organize better but this now looks like something I'm not ashamed to show.

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What I would still like to have in the lab is a proper remote-programmable power supply (we have only one right now, and it is okay, but not great), and an electronic load.

But these both are things I consider building for myself. Or get an EEZ BenchBox3 to cover my PSU needs because there's no way I can afford a R&S HMP4000 :D

I was about to correlate the old UNI-T 84 we have against the Siglent but our Pi 3 lab computer said fuck you and refused to boot (the SD card is fine)

@uint8_t It looks really good, I bet it's a lot more effective than with the mess?

@maris it is easier to get an overiew for sure
I still need to better organize the parts and cables

@uint8_t did I hear cable management? *opens portal in spacetime and pulls a little box with infinite cable organizers through*
may I help?

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