I had the misfortune to remotely organize a win10 installation with only not-quite-tech-people and a half-broken ssh connection, and I must say, windows is Extremely user hostile

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I'm going to install an ubuntu and put the windows into a VM where it belongs

@uint8_t Yes, everything is soo hard to do, like if you wanna backup a USB drive or put an image into it you need to install some third party burning utility and then you need to find that somewhere in the internet (though I've heard they have an app store now?) and updates force you to restart and take an eternity,...

@uint8_t The software equivalent of scolding a misbehaving dog, "OI! BACK IN YER BOX!"

@uint8_t Average Windows users can be far below average IQ; therefore, for Microsoft to hide the "scary" way the OS works, admins must be far above average IQ. And very patient. Dunno, man. Linux is the answer.

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