hooked up a barcode scanner to mqtt now only need a backend :D


Anyone has an idea for _simple_ inventory management? I mostly need it to find parts faster, locate the crate which contains the little baggie with the weird IC I'm looking for in the moment. Got a label printer and a barcode scanner, and also most components are already neatly bagged with part numbers as barcodes on them.

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Fishing for experience / best practices before rolling my own thing.

@kunsi isn't that a quasi-abandoned php thing? I could run it in a container I guess but don't want to extend it if I need specific functionality.

@uint8_t I don't know about support for barcode scanning but this might have lots of relevant features github.com/rhaamo/StockazIO @dashie

@irl @uint8_t I work with custom label printed with a qrcode generated by the app (for parts, and storage), and the content is a custom uri with an uuid, and the search can handle them

@dashie do you re-label mouser bags, or use the codes they came with?

@uint8_t mouser qr code is useless, nothing useful without importing your order (the qrcode doesn’t even have the part ref:

>[)>06K1954095814K040PPERFORMERQ411K0577421604LGB1VHarwin >[)>06K 19540958 14K 040 P PERFORMER Q4 11K 057742160 4L GB 1V Harwin bdc client art ref client qty? num fact from fab

So usually the mouser bag, if useful just goes directly into a box, box which has my custom label

@uint8_t otoh I have written a mouser order importer ('cause they are my main source, and they have an API), but I don't feel the need to do anything with their label
plus they have like 5 or 6 barcodes on the same label and most barcode scanners have a hard time if you can't focus closely on the qr one :(

@dashie I plan to make an <NEXT PART> code, so any of the codes on the mouser label can be scanned before I scan the special one

@dashie the mouser part number is on them as 1D barcode tho. so is the quantity

@uint8_t the 2D BARCODE on top right does have qty, but no part number, it only references the order number and item number

@uint8_t I use a wiki, and a fractal sorting aproach, and way too many dyno lables

@uint8_t maybe a bit, I know he's pretty busy and then free time is usually spent on home lab os

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