I really wish shipping costs would be lower within the EU, the 10-20 € flat fee per order makes lots of webshops very unattractive compared to amaz* or ali. :(

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It is much cheaper to order 3 pcs of freakin' ball bearings from China than to order it from some warehouse in the same city. It feels so wrong...

But please note, dear lawmakers, this problem is NOT to be solved with tariffs!

I wish shipping to be affordable, climate neutral, and the delivery people fairly paid, none of this gig economy shit.

Also, DHL can fuck off with their exorbitant delivery duty processing fees

@uint8_t you’d think dhl carefully delivered each package on a velvet cushion

@mood @uint8_t or employed their workers and paid fair wages instead of using sub-sub-contractors

@ln @uint8_t i don’t know anything about dhl’s corporate structure if that’s what this refers to; if it’s a general comment, who would disagree? 😅

@mood @uint8_t they're unfortunately notorious for it, just as most other shipping companies... so, kinda both.

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