arch linux nonse 

helping a friend install arch linux and pacman simply won't put a kernel in /boot?? I've never seen anything like this. it's wild.

UwU mea culpa I made a little fucko-wucko and messed up the partition table and the ESP was all over the place, overlapping different partitions 😳


computers bad 

no matter how half-assed or unfinished some systemd-adjacent things are, everything is at least an order of magnitude less frustrating than anything microsoft windows related...

it's a sea of misinformation, targeted advertisement, for SEO from random blogs copypaste, or the useless official documentation with circular references and "have you tried turning it off an on again"

error code 0x30000006f5 and alike,


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computers bad 

this toot was inspired by spending 4 hours on a non-booting windows 10 install after I naively swapped the SSD below it without doing sysprep first,,

computers bad 

@uint8_t On Macs the default useless tech tip is to perform an exorcism ritual called "repair permissions". You can ask anything you want and someone will inevitably come along and tell you to do this.

computers bad 

@uint8_t My last quest was to find out what "limited connectivity" actually means. No DHCP response? No DNS? Top rated answer on most sites: "It means you'll have to restart your router!" Well, thank you...

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