a netbook in 2010: a low-power, small machine that isn't very capable except for browsing the world wide web

a netbook in 2020: basically a mobile workstation with octacore CPU, 32 GB ram, so you can run more than 3 Web Applications at the same time

however, the decade did not go without innovation.

see, when you open a website, your mobile supercomputer still struggles to render, the fan spins up like a jet airliner before takeoff, as a friendly reminder that you forgot to install ublock origin

I hope I don't sound too much like Old People

@uint8_t I made the same joke before. In 2010, being able to browse the web was a benchmark for underpowered computer. Today, it's a benchmark for medium-to-high performance computer.

Except that you forgot to close Slack in the background so your Supercomputer struggles to spin the dan fast enough to cope with a third browsertab.

@uint8_t Would not expect anything else from anybody having a C type name in his/her nick. But your statement is very reasonable I think. 😉

@uint8_t not really, if you were an Old People you'd just complain about your 2010 netbook to your extended family's designated computer science graduate who works as a programmer irl and unwillingly as a computer repairperson in the family

@uint8_t my computer, noted piece of shit, will take about two or three minutes the first time I click on a youtube video to Do Anything

@uint8_t The web is a perpetual arms-race, between engineers developing more and more powerful computers, and web developers shovelling more and more layers of javascript goop into things... 😁

@uint8_t octacore sounds so big and powerful, but actually yeah... 8 cores is pretty average (especially with Ryzen)

I remember I used to talk about my aged laptops as "good enough for web browsing but not serious work." Now its the other way around.

@uint8_t the world would be a much better place if even just 16GB of RAM was the industry standard. But the €500-600 laptop market is still stuck at 8GB.

@jellypotato I wish more web devs would be using a laptop from 2012 and a DSL connection

@uint8_t my biggest issue is webdevs not knowing what window management is

I actually got quite angry at a colleague over that before because they only ever had the internal website they developed and that I used open in fullscreen - and something was broken or just highly irritating to me because it didn’t work in a normal window size

There were also some potentially harshly worded words directed at fediverse software developers on a previous account related to that and other things

Intel Cherry Trail being the first small x86 arch to be fully 64-bit excited me way more than any of the hardware that used it justified.

Can't wait to repeat this cycle of excessive interest and underwhelming with Jasper Lake.

@HarneyB I don't think I ever bought a new machine with intel CPU, and I hope it stays this way

@uint8_t My daily driver is a laptop from 2008, and its one tough motherfucker, can run whatever you want
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