Can someone recommend a GDPR Subject Access Request template, preferably in LaTeX? Also how do I ask my data to be deleted?

I never sent one and want to try out at a provider which does not seem to offer an option for account deletion...

most of the things I'm finding are software sold to companies in order to automate dealing with exactly what I am trying to do

Nice on one side.
On the other: maintaining a website and not (at least consciously) collecting more data than technically necessary, I am very worried of making an unintended mistake answering such a request, simply because I am not a lawyer.
Afterwards I would probably be entirely ruined financially.

@phil_s we also run a website, but don't collect data at all, (except webserver logs, which aren't kept for long)

Yes. I once did a mistake for a private site simply using worpress on a lamp system and overlooked that a log file was created with some data, among others IP adresses. Found it by chance.
Today, as a private person, owning a site is actually way too dangerous.

@phil_s not sure if that an ip address in a logfile alone would count as personally identifiable, especially when you don't do any analytics / correlation on it

That's where my missing legal education kicks in 😂
A German court once said, ip addresses are personal information 😥
At least my intent is on the positive side 🙂

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