would someone let me write occasional short tech blogposts / howto snippets on their platform? I feel like dumping it in a gist is not very discoverable, and would do quick writeups about stuff I figure out

I don't want to self-host and tinker with the thing

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@uint8_t i can get you a account if you want? it's WriteFreely and even federates new posts over fedi

@uint8_t you might consider sending an email to

It's a widely read blog, and the editors there are happy to provide editorial support and to publish good open source content.

@klaatu I want something quick and occasionally unpolished, not sure if that is welcome?

@uint8_t is the gist yoy linked to what you consider quick and unpolished? Because they'll definitely work with that.

@uint8_t I’m in Vienna and could give you a space on if that’s your thing. Alternatively or similar might be an option? Codeberg or probably are also an option. I’m assuming it’s the not wanting to host stuff yourself that’s the choice?

You could also try which is kidna like medium but federated and open source and a lot of the articles there are less formal than medium

@uint8_t If you would like me to read it out loud I'll do it and post it as an @hpr episode and post your text as show notes.
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